About Alison

Welcome. I’m Alison.

For most of my life, I thought myself a strong, grounded person. I grew up in a loving family, married a wonderful man, and managed to keep my children not only alive but nurtured and secure.

Then, I broke.

Post-partum anxiety. Raging hypochondria. Debilitating panic attacks. Fear splintered my mind and shattered my peace. The faith I’d taken for granted shriveled like the fragile thing it was, leaving me adrift and petrified.

But I wasn’t at the bottom, not yet. The funny thing about fractures—they create space for us to see what’s inside. My broken places showed me how fragile my mental health really was. Confronted with the reality of my inner chaos, I crumbled.

Had my journey ended there, it would hardly be worth sharing. By God’s grace—and you will learn I do not speak those words flippantly—I clung to the fragments of truth I could still recognize, and they allowed me a frail, cautious hold on this hope:

There is nothing so broken God cannot redeem it.

Even me.

Even you.

I do not believe this easily. Faith is difficult. Hope, sometimes more so. But I’ve kept a white-knuckled grip on Jesus, and choosing him has yet to land me in regret.

In my months of deepest brokenness, I often sat alone in a cemetery near our house, speaking to the gravestones. I didn’t know a single soul whose body lay beneath that soil, but it was the only place under an open sky where I could sit and cry without judgment from passersby.

That place of death became a safe space, in the same way I want this website to be a safe space for all who visit. No judgment, no pretending, no expectation beyond honesty. That’s all I’m asking, and all I’m offering.

Out of death, life. Out of brokenness, beauty.

Hope with me. Will you?

Alison and her husband
Alison and the love of her life, Tim.