Hi, there. I’m Alison, and I’m glad you’re here.

There are plenty of other places you could be right now, so if you stick around I’m guessing it’s because you relate to Bilbo Baggin’s iconic line:

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

Your plate is perpetually full, and your tank perpetually empty. Sound familiar?

I’m a 40-something mom to three teens, happily married to my husband since 2002, and the president of our residential remodeling business, McLennan Contracting. These stats translate into a history of burnout, an ongoing battle with anxiety, and a faith in God that seems to get stronger each time I break.

This site is where I share what I’m learning—usually the hard way—in hopes that you find something encouraging, helpful, or hopeful for your own journey.

What I Want for You (and for Me)

When I think about where I am now vs. where I want to be, the word that comes to mind is REST. I want to be at rest in mind, body, and spirit, even as I am in the midst of my busy days.

What does rest look like? How about this:

  1. Mind: uncluttered thought and calm reasoning produced by a mind free of distraction and focused on truth.
  2. Heart: relief from the turbulent waters of anxiety, depression, shame, and anger.
  3. Faith: security and contentment in one’s identity as a beloved creation of a good, faithful, sovereign God.
  4. Lifestyle: equilibrium established through practical, balanced rhythms of productivity and leisure that are suited to one’s personality.
  5. Relationships: openness to love and intimacy resulting from acceptance and appreciation of one’s own strengths and limitations.

Sounds pretty good, right? And also, HOW. How do we get there?

Well, that’s why we’re here. To figure it out together.

You belong here if:

  • you long for self-acceptance and an end to striving for perfection.
  • you’re tired of being tossed about by disruptive emotions.
  • you crave relational connection but are wary making yourself vulnerable.
  • you feel spiritually dry, distant, or unworthy of love.

If that’s you, welcome to the pilgrimage. The ground beneath our feet might be steep and rocky, but if we link arms, I believe we’ll go further together than we ever could alone.

Until we rest,