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  1. Allyson, as always you’re writing gets to the point artfully and wakes me up to the truth in a new gentle way. Thank you for this article on anger. I struggle with anger and it’s helpful to see the iceberg diagram. One child of mine in particular seems to follow in my tracks regarding anger. This will help me react to him, even myself, with more curiosity and grace. Thank you so much for the basic and very real truth!

    1. I’m a beginner at understanding these things myself, but I’m so glad what I’m learning is helpful. I am also trying to apply this to my responses to my kids. They’re a little old for tantrums now, but the teen years have their own brand of anger, and it has a way of triggering mine! Recognizing that anger is an emotion, not an identity, has been very helpful is defusing my emotional response when things go awry. 🙂

  2. Alison, so good to meet you from over at Emily’s this morning. As both a counselor and a regular person, I am resonating with your excellent observations, so well said. Thanks for shedding light and wisdom on something we all deal with. What a beautiful, helpful post …

    Bless you!

    1. So nice to meet you, Linda! It’s very encouraging to receive this feedback from a counselor. I always worry that in my fledgling understanding I’ll misrepresent an important truth. Thank you for taking the time to give feedback.

    1. So glad it was helpful, Megan! I think a lot of us struggle with anger but have a hard time talking about it.

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