Plane wing above the clouds


  1. Oh, my beautiful, beautiful friend. I have wanted to ask you how you are dealing with all the fears surrounding this pandemic. And you haven answered it here with such honesty and hope. Thank you for sharing your experience and the words from Psalms. Love you, friend!

    1. Aw, thank you, dear friend! I am thankful my anxiety has not been greater than it’s been through this. Many times I’ve thought about how much more difficult this would have been for me emotionally a decade ago. It’s a mercy to have learned some skills to cope with fear since then. Love and miss you, and can’t wait until we can catch up in person!

  2. Alison, hi … it’s amazing how much space we’ve given worry and fear in our lives. Your wise words make me want to completely never go there again.

    Bless you.

    1. I’m so glad, Linda. I feel the same way! Been there, done that, not going back (Lord willing).

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